Part One: Iron Currency

  1. The Dedication of the Heraion
  2. The Use of ojbelivskoi
  3. Utensil-money
  4. Cast iron
  5. Weighed currency
  6. Agio
  7. The Meaning of feidwvneia mevtra
  8. The Phrase mevtra kai; staqmav
  9. Euboic Mina
  10. Palamedes
  11. The Dedication of Delphoi
  12. The Balance of Perachora

Addendum I: Homeric Currency

  1. Bronze-Age Copper Ingots
  2. Utensil-Money of Double Axes
  3. Weighed Double Axes
  4. Currency of Cauldrons

Addendum II: Iron currency of the Celts

Part Two: Athenian Standards

  1. The Meaning of novmisma
  2. The Solonian Reform
  3. The Hybrid System of Weights
  4. Old and New Drachmae
  5. Unification of Monetary Standards in the Athenian League